Designate Your Gift

Most gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible (EIN: 36-3532034) and will be acknowledged with an official donation receipt for your tax purposes.

Gifts for the University’s greatest needs

UHSA is in the midst of an initiative to transform its campus by updating facilities, increasing student support, and expanding our education programs. This transformation will have a major impact throughout the institution and community, and will ensure that we continue to provide quality medical education and research opportunities to our students in the future.

Designated gifts

Designated gifts enable you to decide where you would like your gifts to be used within the institution. Your decision gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a specific cause. Examples of designated gifts might include, scholarship funds, expansion projects, support of events etc.

Where to give:

Free clinic of English Harbour

  • Community education and health screening
  • Testing supplies
  • Medical Equipment & Technology

Research & Development

  • Research laboratories
  • Classroom facilities
  • Education initiatives and technology

Outright Gifts

  • University’s greatest needs

Designated gifts ideas

  • Scholarship fund
  • Named scholarships
  • Building projects